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Floating Market Tour

Floating Market package

Floating Markets Tour: Damnoen Saduak, Maeklong Railway Market, and Amphawa Markets - Full Day

Take a tour at 2 of Bangkok's most famous floating markets, complete with a professional driver guide and air-conditioned transfers

We have through Damnoen Saduak Floating Market's maze of vendors, the largest and most popular floating market in the country

Watch a train pass through the middle of a bustling market at the Maeklong Railway Market

Ride long-tail boats down Amphawa Floating Market's river, populated by numerous stalls of local goods, delicacies, and fireflies at night!

What to Expect from Thailand Floating Markets

Explore Thailand’s iconic floating markets on a fun whole day tour and get immersed in the authentic local life. Choose to see all three markets in a day or go with a more relaxing option of visiting just two markets. Damnoen Saduak is the biggest and most famous floating market in Bangkok, while Maeklong Railway Market offers a unique shopping experience that is interrupted by a train regularly running right through the market space! Amphawa Floating Market is another authentic floating market popular with the locals for weekend shopping. Part guided by a friendly guide, and part free time for you to explore on your own, the tour also includes other highlights including Wat Bang Kung and Thai Boxing Temple.

Floating Market Package

Price 1,350 baht per 1 person.

(Included Transfer Round Trip)

Children aged 0-2 can join this activity free of charge provided they will not occupy separate seats

Group size: 5-40 participant(s)


Others service

Private Transfer 4 Hours

Private car (1-3 person) 1,600 THB

Private van (4-13 person) 1,900 THB

Private Transfer 6 Hours

Private car (1-3 person) 2,000 THB

Private van (4-13 person) 2,300 THB

Private Transfer 8 Hours

Private car (1-3 person) 2,400 THB

Private van (4-13 person) 2,700 THB

Private Transfer 10 Hours

Private car (1-3 person) 2,700 THB

Private van (4-13 person) 3,000 THB

***Overtime charges is 200 THB / Hours***

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