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Ancient City Bangkok and Erawan Museum

Ancient City Bangkok and Erawan Museum Package

Enjoy great savings with a combination ticket to both The Erawan Museum and Ancient CityWalkthrough scaled-down replicas of over 116 of Thailand's most sacred monuments at Ancient CityWander through the elephant-shaped Erawan Museum, which is rich in Eastern iconography,Marvel at ancient Thai and Asian antiquities and the psychedelic decorEnjoy a peaceful walk through nature at the outdoor grounds of both attractionsIndulge in an excellent feast when you book the package that includes the set meal from Kantoke Rimnam

What to expect from Ancient City Bangkok and Erawan Museum

Discover Thai culture and history stories at two inspiring Bangkok attractions with an individual ticket or on one combination ticket. At Ancient City, you'll feel as if you've walked through entire Thailand in a day. The 'city,' one of the largest outdoor museums in the world, is essentially a scaled-down version of the country, with many replicas and reconstructions of Thailand's historically significant structures. See temples, palaces, and shrines, and feel transported back in time as you makeå your way around the grounds. A colossal, three-headed elephant dominates the structure of The Erawan Museum. The attraction houses various collections owned by museum owner Khun Lek Viriyapant, offering a look into local heritage, customs, and craftsmanship. Both inside and out, it's a fascinating space and well worth a visit.

Ancient City Bangkok and Erawan Museum Ticket

Ancient City Ticket

Adult 700 THB

Child (6-14 years old) 350 THB

The Erawan Museum Ticket

Adult 400 THB

Child (6-14 years old) 200 THB

Ancient City + Erawan Museum Ticket

Adult 1000 THB

Child (6-14 years old) 450 THB

Private Transfer 4 Hours

Private car (1-3 person) 1,600 THB

Private van (4-13 person) 1,900 THB

Private Transfer 6 Hours

Private car (1-3 person) 2,000 THB

Private van (4-13 person) 2,300 THB

Private Transfer 8 Hours

Private car (1-3 person) 2,400 THB

Private van (4-13 person) 2,700 THB

Private Transfer 10 Hours

Private car (1-3 person) 2,700 THB

Private van (4-13 person) 3,000 THB

***Overtime charges is 200 THB / Hours***

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